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Platinum Wine Club FAQs

1. What is Platinum Wine Club?

Platinum Wine Club is an indulgence few will experience. It is jointly brought to you by American Express and David Coleman, available to all American Express® Platinum Card, American Express® Platinum Reserve Credit Card members.

2. Who is David Coleman?

Born with a passion for excellence in winemaking, the Platinum Wine Club has enjoyed phenomenal success under the enthusiastic direction of dedicated wine enthusiast, David Coleman - Platinum Wine Club's editor.

David Coleman has gained a reputation for unearthing exciting new developments in the wine world, which he nurtures and introduces to the rest of the world. Most notably, he identified a number of boutique wineries from Australia and New Zealand that were producing exceptional quality wines but in such limited quantities that they rarely made it through the cellar door.

David's passion for wine extends to everyone's enjoyment of it. Which is why he spends a great deal of his time in the air, hopping from one vineyard to another gaining friends and access to the latest developments in his quest to make the world of wine a smaller, more knowledgeable one.

3. Am I guaranteed on the quality of the wines?

Quality wines are the distinction of David Coleman. Nothing but the finest is good enough to appear on their list of recommendations. All the Australian and New Zealand wineries David represents are award-winning vineyards, whose dedication for quality has led to accolades and respect from wine critics and the wine industry alike.

4. Who can access the website?

Centurion, American Express® Platinum Card, American Express® Platinum Reserve Credit Card members have exclusive access to the site.

5. How does registration work?

Please register as a member of with your name, email address and password.

6. What are the site offerings?

Platinum Wine Club offers a platform of experiences for its exclusive members.

You can visit the Platinum Exclusives page for a list of wines carefully handpicked from boutique vineyards or the Platinum Specials for a wider selection of labels. Look forward to a refresh of special labels under Platinum Exclusives once every two months.

Be invited to wine tasting events scheduled every two months where you will get to preview, mingle and share the latest collection from the Platinum Exclusives range with like-minded wine lovers.

You might also want to experience Platinum Wine Club at a private event or exclusive wine tour at the Experience page.

Heighten your appreciation for wines by visiting our regularly updated Literature section to read insightful and entertaining articles by our Editor - David Coleman and watch the monthly Platinum Wine Club podcast.

7. How regular is Platinum Wine Club updated?

The Platinum Wine Club is updated with new events and products often so please be on the look out for new specials and highlights. The wine selections under Platinum Exclusives are updated once every two months.

8. How do I check for details of the latest wine tasting events and how do I RSVP for the event?

Please visit the Wine Tasting Events page for the latest details. If you would like to join us at these events, please call Platinum Wine Club toll-free at 1800 438 9463 (9-5pm, Mon-Fri) or Email Us. Past events are archived and updated with photos from the event.

9. How can I update my particulars?

You can add or edit your personal details anytime at My Account page.

10. I've forgotten my password or wish to reset my password. What should I do?

If you forget your password, you can click on Forgot Password?. You will be prompted to key in your email address registered previously. A new password will be sent to your account within moments.

11. I do not have the voucher activation codes. What should I do?

Please call the following numbers to request for assistance.

  • For Centurion members: The Centurion Travel & Lifestyle Service, please call 1800 396 8866 (Option 2) for assistance.
  • For Platinum Card: The Platinum Card® Service, please call 1800 392 1177 (Option 3) for assistance.
  • For Platinum Reserve Credit Card: Platinum Reserve Lifestyle Services, please call 1800 392 1181 (Option 2) for assistance.

12. How do I use my vouchers?

You will need to activate your vouchers before you can use them. If you have not done so, Activate your Vouchers here.

If logged in, and you have added a minimum of $250 to your cart, one of your voucher will be automatically applied. When a certain product has a label "No Voucher Apply", their total amount will not be added to the minimum amount required to use voucher.

No multiple redemption of vouchers in a single transaction will be allowed. Voucher terms and conditions apply.

13. What is the delivery timeframe?

Within 48 hours excluding public holidays upon successful transaction. You can also check our Standard Delivery Schedule.

14. Who do I contact if I have queries?

Please refer to Contact Us page.